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Blog for Victoria Bennett Beyer Photography

The photography blog of Victoria Bennett Beyer, featuring travel photographs from road trips across America and botanical photography of plants, flowers and leaves.

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Parc du Bic, Quebec

Victoria Beyer

Eastern Canada Road Trip 2019

2019 du Bic (85) FIX BLOG.jpg
2019 du Bic (149) FIX BLOG.jpg
2019 du Bic (113) FIX BLOG.jpg

After leaving Quebec City, we headed northeast, around the Gaspe Peninsula. This beautiful route took us along the St. Lawrence River, and around to where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. It was incredible, with small towns over each rise, and a view of the water for nearly the entire drive. Our first stop was Parc du Bic, one of the Quebec National Parks (not to be confused with Parks Canada). It was foggy as we parked the RV, but it burned off before I could go shoot. We were watching a movie after dinner and I kept peeking outside to see if the fog would return, and sure enough it did. I called the family out to see it, because it was so very pretty. It was worth it to me, but my poor child had her first run in with the famous Canadian bugs! Her neck was bloody afterwards with bug bites that took weeks to heal.

2019 du Bic (168) FIX BLOG.jpg
2019 du Bic (151) FIX6 BLOG.jpg

Despite that, she was a champ the next morning when I asked her to walk down to the shore with me. She is never one to pass up playing on a beach! We doused ourselves with bug spray and were on our way. I pride myself on noticing the little details in nature, but she pointed out to me that we were walking over many, many snails on the path. I was proud she noticed! We stopped to help a few to the side of the path.

2019 du Bic (74) FIX BLOG.jpg
2019 du Bic (21) FIX BLOG.jpg

It was my first time seeing the flowers above. Aren’t they fantastically weird and beautiful? It’s Silene vulgaris, or Bladder Campion. And after a rain, the lovely daisy below was looking a bit smudged, but there is something about imperfection that is so wonderful, isn’t there?

2019 du Bic (35) FIX CROP3 BLOG.jpg