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Blog for Victoria Bennett Beyer Photography

The photography blog of Victoria Bennett Beyer, featuring travel photographs from road trips across America and botanical photography of plants, flowers and leaves.

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Great Sand Dunes National Park

Victoria Beyer

Seven Weeks Across America

2018-06 CCT D Great Sand Dunes (177) FIX.jpg

Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado was our first National Park stop.  I was really excited to see this place in person and it did not disappoint.  It's truly awe-inspiring to see these mountains of sand rising up in front of you as you drive in.  But the fun really begins once you start climbing and exploring.  

2018-06 CCT D Great Sand Dunes (79) FIX.jpg
2018-06 CCT D Great Sand Dunes (35) FIX.jpg

It's like a giant playground, bringing out pure joy from those sliding down the hills, whether it be on your backside or with special slides and sandboards.

People lined up on a small ridge, getting ready to slide down.

People lined up on a small ridge, getting ready to slide down.

2018-06 CCT D Great Sand Dunes (470) BLOG.jpg

You can have as much or as little adventure as you choose.  I wanted to get to the ridgetop, but that was no easy feat.  It takes longer than you might think, because the sand you are trudging through is so soft that it slips beneath your feet.  The last 100 feet of my climb were quite steep, and I was literally using my hands and feet, trying not to look down.  I flopped over the top of the ridge when I finally made it, laying there not looking very cool, while I recovered.  Luckily there was no one around to see me!  I spent the next several hours walking along the ridge toward High Dune, the second highest point in the dunes.  Bri made it to Star Dune, the highest dune, but that was quite a bit more strenuous.  As it was, this was my view from High Dune:

2018-06 CCT D Great Sand Dunes (564) FIX.jpg

That was my reward for the exhausting climb.  That and my first sunburn of the trip :0  Pro tip - If you go, wear long sleeves!